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Asteroid Vesta

From the author of   Sizing Up The Universe

Near Gamma-Leonis

Two images taken about 30 minutes apart

Starlight Express SXV on 4" Tak FSQ-106
1st image: 22:27--22:34 EST, Feb 14, 2010. R=G=B=20 seconds in 1 second increments
2nd image: 22:59--23:01 EST, Feb 14, 2010. R=G=B= 5 seconds in 1 second increments

Gamma Leonis is a binary star. It's two components are separated by 4 arcseconds. I took some short 0.1 second exposures, but even in these images Gamma Leonis saturated the CCD chip. However, applying a Richard-Lucy deconvolution followed by a logarthmic stretch, it is possible to see elongation in the binary. Click the image to see the full frame with Vesta.

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