Jianqing Fan

Selected publications

  • Xie, Y., Chan, H., Fan, J., Chen, Y., Young, J., Li, W., Miao, X., Yuan, Z., Wang, H., Tam, P.K., Ren, Y. (2007).
    Involvement of visinin like porotein-1 (VSNL-1) in regulating proliferative and invasive properties of neuroblastoma.
    Carcinogenesis, 28, 2122-2130.
  • Fan, J. and Niu, Y. (2007).
    Selection and validation of normalization methods for c-DNA microarrays using within-array replications. Bioinformatics,23, 2391-2398.
    R-code used for data analysis: Some adaptations are needed
    Matlab-code used for simulation studies
  • Fan, J. and Ren, Y. (2006).
    Statistical Analysis of DNA Microarray Data in Cancer Research.
    Clinical Cancer Research, 12, 4469--4473. (Invited review article)
  • Ren, Y., Chan, H.M., Fan, J., Chen, Y.X., Xie, Y., Li, W., Jiang, G.P., Liu, Q., and Tam, P. (2006).
    Inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis in vitro and in vivo by targeting macrophage migration inhibitory factor in human neuroblastoma.
    Oncogene, 25, 3501-3508.