Summer Travel Fund

We are pleased to announce a funding opportunity for ORFE students to travel and work or study away from home during the summer. Exploring new experiences, whether in non-typical domestic or international locations, enhances the diverse experiences of our student body.

This opportunity is made possible by a generous gift from ORFE alumnus Naman Jain ’17 who, inspired by his grandfather, Vijaya Kumar Gupta, and his lifelong commitment to education and love of travel, makes this gift in his memory.

We invite creative proposals for travel plans that amplify the Princeton and ORFE educational mission through unique summer projects or internships. Full proposals and budgets are due on November 26, 2023, 11:59 p.m. Up to $5,000 will be awarded for one award, with preference given to projects outside of the continental United States. 

Proposals should be submitted via the ORFE UG Summer Travel Fund submission form.

Please be sure to develop a thorough, accurate, and reasonable budget and justify your estimated costs within your proposal. You are encouraged to consult the following list of allowable expenses when building your budget.

Expenses Covered

Costs are expected to be moderate; you are responsible for researching competitive pricing in order to maintain reasonable costs.

Travel to research or work sites within international category A and B destinations and within the U.S., unless the site is within 25 miles of your hometown. Travel expenses may include a daily food stipend (limited to $35 per day), accommodation and local transportation (expected to be through public transport unless safety is a concern).

If your travel is outside of the metropolitan New York City and Philadelphia corridor, you must obtain travel approval through Enroll My Trip (EMT) at least two days prior to travel, and further in advance for international destinations. Your award will be revoked if you travel prior to receiving approval for your trip in EMT. For questions related to EMT or the current University travel guidelines, please visit the Travel Enrollment page and review the permissable travel guidelines.

For a list of restrictions regarding the rental or use of vehicles while on University-sponsored domestic trips, visit the University Travel Website. Students may not schedule travel that conflicts with their end-of-semester exam schedule or academic obligations.

  • Travel to your destination
  • Stipend to cover housing and dining costs
  • Books (covered only if a personal copy is needed)
  • Conference fees
  • Off-campus data acquisition not covered by an existing lab grant or departmental thesis allocation; request should be itemized and justified.
  • Software specific to your research project not available through the department
  • Passport and visa application fees

Expenses Not Covered

  • Wi-Fi connection fees
  • Laptops, tablets, desktops and basic computer accessories (typically not covered unless specific to research)
  • Cloud storage subscription (you may be eligible through OIT via a Thesis Inquiry)
  • Data storage devices (e.g., hard drives, disk drives)
  • Purchase of capital equipment such as binoculars, recording or electronic machinery (rental costs may be considered)
  • Transcription services
  • Payment to individuals for services rendered
  • Tuition for instructional programs
  • Travel to hometown
  • Entertainment and/or personal expenses
  • Although not covered by this grant, we strongly recommend travel insurance.

If the University deems your destination unsafe prior to travel, you will be responsible for returning the total award because the University cannot fund student travel in these circumstances.

Upon Return

Awarded students are required to submit a brief summary of the experience, within two weeks of returning.  Summaries should address how the experience impacted the undergraduate experience as an ORFE concentrator and should be sent to the ORFE Undergraduate Administrator. Summaries including photos are encouraged. 

Questions may be sent to the ORFE Undergraduate Administrator.