Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I would like to visit Princeton with my parents. Do I have to make an appointment to meet with some of the professors?
A. Yes. Professors are usually busy and making an appointment really helps. E-mail is the best way. Please see the Contacts for the relevant contact information.

Q. During my visit can I sit in a class and listen to a lecture?
A. Yes.

Q. Which industries do ORFE undergraduate get jobs in?
A. Investment banking, management consultancy, financial trading, medicine, engineering, and economic consulting. See the Academic Guides section for more information.

Q. Do students get jobs through Career Placement or do they find jobs on their own?
A. Most students get jobs through job fairs that take place at the university and through Career Services.

Q. Are there any student organizations for ORFE students?
A. Yes, there is an ORFE student organization known as Princeton Operations Research Society (PORS). In addition, INFORMS is an international organization for operations research and management science. ORFE students are encouraged to join via this provided application.

Q. What is your placement record?
A. Please see the Academic Guides section for example placements of ORFE students. It contains highlights of the first positions attained by undergraduate students that have completed a major in ORFE, a list that illustrates the types of professional opportunities available to our undergraduate students.