The Sigma Xi Book Award

Granted by the Sigma Xi Society and is given to the senior or seniors who have demonstrated outstanding research ability and clear writing in the senior thesis.

  • Robert Antony Rubin - “Using Expected Goals to Forecast the English Premier League” - Advised by Elizaveta Rebrova

S. S. Wilks Memorial Prize

Awarded to a graduating senior(s) who has written the best thesis on “Statistics and its applications to solving societal problems".

  • Alex Luo - “More is Less is More: Using Autoencoders for Feature Extraction in M&A Deal Outcome Prediction” - Advised by Misha Shkolnikov

The Procter and Gamble Prize

Awarded to a graduating senior(s) who has written the best thesis in operations research or finance.

  • Carolina Marsella - “Time and Frequency Volatility Connectedness Among European Equity and Commodity Markets Since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine” - Advised by Rene Carmona

The Eric F. S. Pai ‘83 Prize

Awarded to a graduating senior(s) who has written the best thesis in finance.

  • Justin Ong - “A Regime-Switching Approach to Portfolio Construction”  - Advised by John Mulvey

Admiral W. Mack Angus Memorial Prize

Given in recognition to one or more students who, through their senior thesis research, summer internships or extracurricular activities, made significant contributions to society.

  • Aidan Lynott - “Developing Tools for Identifying and Analyzing Amtrak’s Most Delayed Trains” - Advised by Jason Klusowski
  • Bradley Moorehead - “Emotion-Style Transfer for Music Using Deep Learning” - Advised by Jason Klusowski
  • Tony Ye -  "Computational Experiments on Some Novel Tree-based Classification Algorithms" - Advised by Jason Klusowski

Ahmet S. Çakmak Prize

Awarded to senior(s) for innovative research and an exceptional senior thesis.

  • Emre Onal - “Retrieval-Based Systems for Open-domain Question Answering” - Advised by Boris Hanin

Kenneth H. Condit ‛13 Prize

Awarded to a senior(s) who have demonstrated leadership through academic achievement and community service.

  • Justin Luo - “Identifying Drivers of Cyclical Returns in Semiconductor Equities: A Jump Model Approach - Advised by John Mulvey

The Frank Castellana Prize

Established in 1999, the prize is awarded to senior(s) for outstanding scholarship and academic achievement.

  • Karena Yan - “Equity, Mobility, and Sustainability: Analyzing Geographic and Demographic Disparities in Urban Bikeability” - Advised by Miki Racz
  • Asa Hamot - “Catching the Bubble: Analyzing Asset Bubbles Using Mean Field Game Simulations” - Advised by Ludo Tangpi

Past Award Recipients