The Sigma Xi Book Award

Granted by the Sigma Xi Society and is given to the senior or seniors who have demonstrated outstanding research ability and clear writing in the senior thesis.

  • Lewis Stroebel - “The Predictive Power of Advanced NFL Analytics: Using Machine Learning Strategies and Advanced Analytics to Beat the Books” - Advised by Alain Kornhauser
  • Albert Zhong - “Dynamic Asset Allocation Under Reservoir-Driven Multivariate Regime Switching” - Advised by Ioannis Akrotirianakis

S. S. Wilks Memorial Prize

Awarded to a graduating senior(s) who has written the best thesis on “Statistics and its applications to solving societal problems".

  • Trisha Boonpongmanee - “Using the Markov-Switching Autoregressive Model to Classify Semiconductor Regimes and Identify Inflection Points” - Advised by Jianqing Fan
  • Alan Ji - “Machine Learning for NBA Betting: An Analysis and Exploitation” - Advised by Ramon van Handel

The Procter and Gamble Prize

Awarded to a graduating senior(s) who has written the best thesis in operations research or finance.

  • Katie Kolodner - “Optimal Prepositioning of Hurricane Emergency Relief in the Caribbean: A Demand Approach” - Advised by Ami Ali Ahmadi
  • Melissa Woo - “From Black Box to Glass Box: The Impact of Data Complexity on Machine Learning Explainability” - Advised by Margaret Holen

The Eric F. S. Pai ‘83 Prize

Awarded to a graduating senior(s) who has written the best thesis in finance.

  • Richard Li - “A Counterfactual Approach to Modeling Consumer Outcomes With and Without Payment for Order Flow” - Advised by Alex Dytso

Admiral W. Mack Angas Memorial Prize

Given in recognition to one or more students who, through their senior thesis research, summer internships or extracurricular activities, made significant contributions to society.

  • Shrey Addagatla - “The Cost of Catastrophe: Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Financing in Developing Countries” - Advised by Daniel Scheinerman

Ahmet S. Çakmak Prize

Awarded to senior(s) for innovative research and an exceptional senior thesis.

  • Sophia Fang - “A Decision-Focused Approach to Optimizing Hospital Patient Flow” - Advised by Bartolomeo Stellato
  • Annie Liang - “Data-Driven Adjustable Robust Optimization: Decision Making Under Uncertainty” - Advised by Bartolomeo Stellato

Kenneth H. Condit ‛13 Prize

Awarded to a senior(s) who have demonstrated leadership through academic achievement and community service.

  • Lilianna Gittoes - “Comparing Apples and Oranges: Information Sharing in Supply Chains for Fresh Fruits” - Advised by Ronnie Sircar

The Frank Castellana Prize

Established in 1999, the prize is awarded to senior(s) for outstanding scholarship and academic achievement.

  • Eric Ahn - “Trading Options with Uncertainty Risk around Earnings Announcements” - Advised by Daniel Rigobon
  • Addele Hargenrader - “Repainting History: A Framework for Subject-Specific Image Generation in Historical  Painting Styles” - Advised by Margaret Holen

Past Award Recipients