Probability theory is the mathematical description of random phenomena. Probability plays an increasingly important role in almost all areas of engineering and science. Probability research in ORFE ranges from theoretical to applied, with particular emphasis on stochastic analysis and its applications in various areas including financial mathematics, stochastic networks and queueing, signal and image processing, and stochastic control.

Research Area Faculty and Interests

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    Research Interests:
    Stochastic analysis (SPDEs, BSDEs, FBSDEs, stochastic control and large stochastic differential games such as mean field games), high frequency markets, energy and commodity markets, environmental finance and financial mathematics models.
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    Research Interests:
    Machine learning - theory of neural networks: approximation power, statistical physics of initialization, guarantees for optimization, and generalization Probability - mathematical physics, random matrix theory, Gaussian processes arising in spectral theory/quantum mechanics, and random polynomial
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    Research Interests:
    Stochastic networks and queueing theory, performance models for service systems, dynamic optimal control and pricing for service systems, stochastic analysis and asymptotics, stochastic dominance on partially ordered spaces, theory of dynamic rate queues, special functions; communications, healthcare
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    Research Interests:
    Probability, statistics, and their applications. Statistical inference problems in complex systems, in particular on random graphs and in genomics. Applied probability, combinatorial statistics, information theory, control theory, interacting particle systems, and voting.
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    Research Interests:
    Financial mathematics (stochastic portfolio theory, optimal investment, systemic risk), probability theory (interacting particle systems, random matrix theory, and their applications to finance, neuroscience, and physics), partial differential equations (parabolic PDEs/SPDEs, free boundary problems, probabilistic representations, renormalization)
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    Research Interests:
    Financial mathematics (risk management, model uncertainty, optimal investment); Stochastic analysis (stochastic control, SDEs, BSDEs, FBSDEs, probabilistic representations of parabolic/elliptic PDEs); Probability theory (optimal transportation, functional inequalities)
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    Research Interests:
    Probability theory, stochastic analysis, Markov processes, ergodic theory, mathematical statistics, information theory, nonlinear filtering, mathematical physics, applied mathematics
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    Research Interests:
    Interior-point methods for linear, convex, nonconvex, semidefinite optimization, robust optimization, the parametric simplex method, and constraint matrix sparsification (e.g. fast Fourier optimization). Applications include high-contrast imaging (to design a NASA space telescope), finding new stable periodic solutions to the n-body problem, Machine Learning, portfolio selection, option pricing, and least-absolute-deviation statistics. Related side activities include algorithms to address grade inflation, quantifying climate change, and making Purple America maps.