Student-run Engineering Council presents two Excellence in Teaching Awards in ORFE
April 15, 2024

ORFE Professor Amir Ali Ahmadi and ORFE graduate student Ben Budway were honored with the Excellence in Teaching Award for the Fall 2023 semester. These awards, which were established by the student-run Engineering…

Three ORFE Professors Receive SEAS Grants for Their Research
March 18, 2024

ORFE Professors Boris Hanin, Jason Klusowski and Bartolomeo Stellato each received a grant from the School of Engineering and Applied Science to support their research. 

Professors Hanin and Klusowski received SEAS Innovation Grants, which are intended to foster their research and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations with…

Assistant Professor Hanin Named 2024 Sloan Fellow
Feb. 27, 2024

ORFE Assistant Professor Boris Hanin was awarded a 2024 Sloan Research Fellowship in mathematics. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awards these fellowships to early-career scholars who represent the most promising scientific…

Bartolomeo Stellato elected INFORMS Optimization Society Officer
Jan. 3, 2024

ORFE Assistant Professor Bartolomeo Stellato has been selected as the INFORMS Optimization Society vice-chair for Computational Optimization and Software.  In this position, Prof. Stellato will lead efforts to boost visibility of computational optimization in and beyond INFORMS; foster collaborations between research software engineers and…

Professor Kornhauser’s new book on driverless mobility
Dec. 13, 2023

A new book titled “The Real Case for Driverless Mobility”, co-authored by ORFE Professor Alain Kornhauser *71 and Michael Sena ‘69, is the result of years of research and industry experience and “explores solutions for providing mobility for the unserved and underserved, including those who cannot drive themselves, cannot afford existing…

Two ORFE Graduate Students Receive SEAS Award for Excellence
Nov. 21, 2023

ORFE graduate students Yihong Gu and Irina Wang received a SEAS Award for Excellence.  This annual award recognizes advanced graduate students in SEAS who have performed at the highest levels as scholars and…

8th Princeton Day of Statistics
Nov. 13, 2023

On November 2 – 3rd, the 8th Princeton Day of Statistics took place at Princeton University.  This biennial workshop brings together top researchers from around the country who work at the frontiers of statistics, machine learning and data science. 

Jianqing Fan elected to the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium
Nov. 10, 2023

The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium, a Royal Scientific Society founded in 1772, has elected ORFE Professor Jianqing Fan as a Foreign Member of the Class of Natural Sciences for his fundamental contributions to nonparametric modeling, high-dimensional statistics, machine learning, data science, and financial economics.

A conference honoring Professor Robert Vanderbei
Oct. 27, 2023

On October 5-6, the conference “From one star to another: an optimal journey through the interior of the universe” in celebration of Prof. Robert Vanderbei’s distinguished career took place in Princeton. The event featured 9 speakers including ORFE alumna and University of Pennsylvania Professor…

Professors Rene Carmona and Ronnie Sircar receive Energy Seed grant
Oct. 23, 2023

ORFE Professors Carmona and Sircar were awarded a grant through the Fund for Energy and Research with Corporate Partners, which was one of nine grants awarded from the Andlinger Center for Energy &…

Conference on Stochastic Control & Financial Engineering
Aug. 8, 2023

This June ORFE Professors Emma Hubert and Ludovic Tangpi organized and hosted a four-day conference on Stochastic Control & Financial Engineering: Methods  and Numerics at Princeton University.  The event was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, with co-sponsorship from…

Matias Cattaneo named Fellow of the American Statistical Association
Aug. 2, 2023

ORFE Professor Matias Cattaneo has been named a Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA).  This honor was bestowed for his seminal contributions to nonparametric, semiparametric and high-dimensional statistics, with notable applications to causal inference and program evaluation; for statistical software development; and for…

Jianqing Fan's 60th Birthday Celebration
July 27, 2023

On May 8-10, 2023, the Statistical Foundations of Data Science and their Applications conference took place in Princeton, along with a celebration of ORFE Professor Jianqing Fan’s 60th birthday. The three-day event featured over 30 invited speakers and several panels, and was co-sponsored by ORFE and…

Professor Amir Ali Ahmadi receives SEAS Distinguished Teaching Award
June 27, 2023

ORFE Professor Amir Ali Ahmadi received the SEAS Distinguished Teaching Award for his positive impact on students through teaching mathematical optimization courses at the undergraduate and the PhD level.  One student noted…

Professor Ludovic Tangpi gives Plenary Talk at SIAM Conference
June 21, 2023

ORFE Professor Ludovic Tangpi gave the plenary talk titled “Optimal bubble riding in a large population” at the 2023 biennial SIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics and Engineering which took place in Philadelphia this June. 

The presentation discussed a game-theoretic approach to model the growth and optimal liquidation of an…

Professor Amir Ali Ahmadi elected Kavli Fellow by the National Academy of Science
June 21, 2023

ORFE Professor Ahmadi has been elected a Kavli Fellow of the U. S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS).  This honor is supported by the Kavli Foundation and involves participation in the NAS’ annual Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium.  This year’s symposium was held in Irvine, California…

ORFE Prize Winners
June 21, 2023

On Monday, May 29th The Great ORFE Class of 2023 celebrated Class Day.  Eleven students were awarded prizes from eight prize categories.  A list of winners and their thesis titles can be found on the Undergraduate Awards page.  

Left to Right, Top Row: Robert Rubin, Alex Luo,…

The Great ORFE Class of 2023
May 26, 2023

Congratulations to the Great ORFE Class of 2023!  Seen here:  their celebratory jump in the fountain after senior thesis turn-in day alongside their formal Sherrerd Hall photo taken during senior thesis presentations.  

Congratulations Graduates
May 25, 2023

This year ORFE celebrates 15 graduate students.  Thirteen Ph.D students successfully defended their Ph.D's and 2 MSE students have successfully completed their requirements.  See the details on their impressive first job placements, advisors and thesis titles.

Left to Right: &nbsp…

Professor Vanderbei receives inaugural SEAS Excellence in Mentoring Award
May 15, 2023

On May 4th, Professor Robert Vanderbei received the inaugural SEAS Excellence in Mentoring Award. 

The honor was given in response to the letters of support from faculty he mentored and the many PhD students who described his “unwavering support” and generosity with ideas, time and guidance.