Photo of Karena Yan and Taishi Nakase side by side in seperate photos.
October 6, 2020

Congratulations to ORFE majors Karena Yan and Taishi Nakase on being awarded two of Princeton University’s highest academic prizes. Sophomore Karena Yan received the Freshman First Honor Prize which is awarded to “members of the sophomore class in recognition of exceptional achievement during their first year.” Senior Taishi Nakase was awarded the Class of...

Nicholas Johnson
October 6, 2020

Nicholas Johnson ‘20, is featured in the Fall issue of “Diversity in Action” Magazine for his epic achievement as Princeton University’s first Black valedictorian. Within the article, Nicholas credits ORFE Professor William Massey *77, as a “mentor who took special interest in his academic and personal growth while he was at Princeton.“ Nicholas is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in operations...

Alain Kornhauser and Students in Fountain
September 25, 2020

Having concluded an impressive 15 consecutive years as Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in ORFE, Professor Alain Kornhauser *71 continues the tradition this fall. When asked why he’s chosen to remain in this role he replies, “I enjoy it, it’s not work because I like doing it.” He is not the only one who is grateful for his continued dedication to ORFE. Jack Woll, a junior in the ORFE department, stated, “Spending a summer doing research under Professor Kornhauser...

Photo of new book and Professor Fan side by side.
August 27, 2020

ORFE Professor Jianqing Fan published a new book titled “Statistical Foundations of Data Science” which aims at providing graduate students and researchers a comprehensive view on the modern statistical theory and methods for data science.
This book, co-authored with Runze Li, Cun-Hui Zhang and Hui Zou was 10 years in the making. Although a decade of work went into this book Prof. Fan is confident that finishing earlier would have led to rewriting the book today, “due to...

Boris Hanin, Jason Klusowski, Bartolomeo Stellato from left to right
August 24, 2020

Prior to joining ORFE, Boris Hanin was an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics department at Texas A&M, following an NSF Postdoc at MIT in Mathematics. He obtained a PhD from the Mathematics department at Northwestern. He has recently held visiting positions at Facebook AI Research (Spring 2019), the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at Berkeley (Summer 2019), and Google (Spring 2020). Boris's...

Male standing in front of posters
August 11, 2020

Professor Bill Massey’s accomplishment at becoming the first Black mathematician to receive tenure at an Ivy League university is highlighted in a Daily Princetonian article which outlines his key experiences in the academic world.