Twenty Years Later

Professors sitting next to computers in 1999 and today.

In 1999 Professors Mulvey, Vanmarcke, Cinlar, Soner and Carmona (original photo left to right) sat for a photo which would accompany an article by Ken Howard titled “What is risky business”. This article discussed the creation of a new program in the School of Engineering and Applied Science named “The Program in Financial Engineering”. This program would evolve into a new department coupled with Operations Research to become Operations Research and Financial Engineering.
This Fall all five Professors, two of which are now Emeritus, came together again to re-create the photo with a few updated technology tweaks. This opportunity came about as Professor Soner rejoined Princeton University as a full professor in ORFE. Original photo by Denise Applewhite. Current photo by Frank Wojciechowski.