Professor Stellato wins two awards from the School of Engineering and Applied Science

Feb. 11, 2022

Professor Bartolomeo Stellato has won two awards from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The first award funded by the James Mi *91 Fund in Data Science is the SEAS Innovation Award. This award is received for his proposal entitled “Learning Task-specific Optimizers for Real-time Autonomous Systems.” The proposal will focus on data-driven algorithm design for real-time decision-making, with applications in autonomous systems in robotics, engineering and finance.

The second award is from the Metropolis Project which “connects and supports researchers across many departments”. Professor Stellato, in collaboration with Professor Fisac from Princeton ECE, won this award on “future cities and technologies” for the proposal entitled “Towards Resilient Urban Networks with Differentiable Agent Decision Models”. The goal of this project is to develop robust and scalable data-driven mechanisms for dynamic urban networks, by learning actionable models of human decision-making to autonomously ensure safe and efficient interactions. This work will have applications in several urban scenarios, from street traffic management to epidemic control measures in public health.