Two pictures, one of students in fountain and one of students seated in Sherrerd Hall.
May 28, 2019

Congratulations to the Great ORFE Class of 2019! Seen here: their celebratory jump in the fountain after senior thesis turn-in day alongside their formal Sherrerd Hall photo taken during senior thesis presentations.

Laura and Alain Kornhauser, Alain Kornhauser in Olli
May 24, 2019

Laura Kornhauser, CEO of Stratyfy, and 2003 ORFE Undergraduate, spoke at this year's 3rd Annual SmartDrivingCar Summit. The title of Laura's talk was "Building AI That Everyone can Trust".
This multi-day event spotlighted the difficulties faced by the Mobility Marginalized populations. On site were many vehicles with autonomous technology including Local Motor's...

Misha at podium receiving award from Vice Dean Antoine Kahn
May 22, 2019

ORFE Assistant Professor Mykhaylo Shkolnikov received a E. Lawrence Keyes, Jr./Emerson Electric Company Faculty Advancement Award, presented by Vice Dean of Engineering, Professor Antoine Kahn, on May 16.

Laura Leal holding Teaching Award
May 1, 2019

This year's annual Teaching Award given by the Graduate School included ORFE graduate student Laura Leal. Laura received this award at the Tribute to Teaching Reception for her work in ORFE 245 in the Spring of 2018.

Johnson '20, Edwedike, Pender *13, Massey '77, Tangpi, Hampshire *07
March 28, 2019

Using price-sensitive algorithms that vary San Francisco meter costs based on occupancy rate of a block’s parking spots, and by analyzing 4.6M data points, University of Michigan professor Robert Hampshire found time spent cruising for spots dropped significantly, drivers parked more efficiently, and average meter revenue increased.
The ORFE PhD graduate spoke extensively on Smart Cities: Data and Decision Science for Parking...

Reppen, Sircar, Shkolnikov, Tanpi, Avanyesan in Singapore
March 28, 2019

During spring recess ORFE Professors Sircar, Shkolnikov, Tangpi along with postdoc Max Reppen and graduate student Levon Avanesyan gave talks at the 4th Berlin-Princeton-Singapore Workshop on Quantitative Finance. The conference was held at the National University of Singapore.
This picture of the group has a lovely backdrop of the...