Cover of Zuckerman's book.
November 12, 2019

This month “The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons launched the quant revolution” written by Gregory Zuckerman was released. This book, highlighted in Zuckerman’s article “The history of blunders and missteps that led to the quant trading revolution” outlines Jim Simons' decision to employ what some viewed as a radical investing approach three decades ago. Professor...

Large photo of Rene Carmona with a small inset photo of Francois Delarue
November 5, 2019

Professor Carmona, along with his co-author Francois Delarue of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, will receive the 2020 Joseph L. Doob Prize for their two volume book "Probabilistic Theory of Mean Field Games with Applications, I and II". This prize "recognizes a single, relatively recent, outstanding research book that makes a seminal contribution to the research literature, reflects the highest standards of...

Background is mountain range in Washington State.  Placed over is a photo of Professor Vanderbei at podium giving talk
October 25, 2019

At the 2019 annual INFORMS meeting in Seattle ORFE Professor Vanderbei gave a plenary talk titled "The Parametric Self-Dual Simplex Method - A Modern Perspective". This talk was the Omega Rho Distinguished Lecture. There were over 1200 people in attendance including an ORFE presence. To see more photos of ORFE alumni and faculty at INFORMS see our ORFE Facebook page.

October 7, 2019

This fall's 2019 edition of the EQuad News focused on a few ORFE professors, students and graduates. Highlighted were Professor Kornhauser *71 and his focus on transportation in future cities, graduate student Laura Leal's Excellence in Teaching Award, along with graduate student Pierre Yves Gaudreau Lamarre’s work developing mathematical tools using probability to analyze complex physical systems.
A feature story dealt with Professor Robert Vanderbei and graduate...

Students in lecture hall listening to five professors in a panel
October 3, 2019

This annual event, tailored to ORFE graduate students interested in the academic job search process, was moderated by ORFE Chair Ronnie Sircar. During this hour long event students asked questions regarding different academic positions. Faculty gave insight into the dos and don'ts of the interview process while adding some anecdotes.
This year's panel included ORFE Professors Carmona, Cattaneo, and Shkolnikov along with newly associated ORFE faculty member Maria...

Professors sitting next to computers in 1999 and today.
September 20, 2019

In 1999 Professors Mulvey, Vanmarcke, Cinlar, Soner and Carmona (original photo left to right) sat for a photo which would accompany an article by...