Congratulations Graduates 2021

Headshots of four graduating students

From Left to Right: Jeffrey Zhang, advised by Professor Amirali Ahmadi, successfully defended his thesis titled “Complexity Aspects of Fundamental Questions in Polynomial Optimization.” He is now a Visiting Professor at Carnegie Mellon Mathematical Sciences Department. Jiacheng Zhang, advised by Professor Mykhaylo Shkolnikov successfully defended his thesis titled “Topics in McKean-Vlasov Equations: Rank-Based Dynamics and Markovian Projection with Applications in Finance and Stochastic Control". Jiacheng will be joining the University of California, Berkeley as a Postdoctoral Researcher in their IEOR Department. Joane Joseph, advised by Professor Robert Vanderbei, successfully defended his thesis titled “An Efficient Row Reduction Algorithm for Solving Fourier-Constrained Linear Programs Using the Simplex Method". Joane joined BuzzFeed, Inc., as a Data Scientist. Kun Lu, advised by Professor John Mulvey, successfully defended his thesis titled “Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Financial Data.” Kun will be joining Tower Research Capital LLC as a Quantitative Researcher.