ORFE Senior Meghan Slattery Wins 2020 Spirit of Princeton Award

May 12, 2020

Meghan Slattery is one of 10 students who won the 2020 Spirit of Princeton Award. This award is given for service and contributions to campus life. “It recognizes those who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the undergraduate experience through dedicated efforts in student organizations, athletics, community service, religious life, residential life and the arts”. Meghan’s numerous activities included not only the Women’s Swim and Diving Team but also as a coordinator of Princeton’s Special Olympics Swimming program. This is just two examples of the many ways Meghan has made positive contributions to campus life.

Professor Amir Ali Ahmadi, Meghan's advisor considers ORFE lucky to have students like Meghan. "It was a pleasure for me to interact with her as she was so remarkably passionate about her thesis topic and making her four years at Princeton count," said Professor Ahmadi. Meghan's thesis is titled "Markowitz Optimization of Malaysia's Economy: A Proposed Strategy for U.S. Developmental Investment in Malaysia".