van Handel Awarded Erlang Prize

Nov. 11, 2014

Ramon van Handel has been selected to receive the Erlang Prize. This prize is awarded biannually by the Applied Probability Society of INFORMS to a young researcher who has made a significant contribution to applied probability. The citation reads as follows:

"This award is being given in recognition of Ramon van Handel's deep and creative research in applied probability. He is an independent and prolific researcher combining techniques from applied probability, control and statistical physics in innovative ways. Particularly notable are his contributions to the theory of non-linear filtering, where he demonstrated great technical skill in the resolution of a longstanding open problem related to stability of nonlinear filters. In more recent work, he has shown great originality in applying techniques from statistical physics to the study of particle filters. This work has the potential to lead to novel algorithms for computationally challenging problems, which currently suffer from the curse of dimensionality."