Fan Wins Pao-Lu Hsu Prize

Feb. 22, 2013

Professor Jianqing Fan has won the inaugural Pao-Lu Hsu Prize, presented every three years by the International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA). The award is conferred upon an individual under the age of 50 who has made influential and fundamental contributions to any field of statistics and probability, and who exemplifies Hsu's deep involvement in developing statistics and probability research with significant impact on education. The prize is open to all nationalities, while priority is given to candidates whose work contributes greatly to the research and education of Chinese statisticians. The award recipient will speak at an ICSA International Conference and includes $3000 cash prize. An official award ceremony with special presentations by the award recipients will be held at the ICSA International Conference in Hong Kong, December 20-23, 2013.

The official announcement can be found in the ICSA Member Newsletter.