Excellence in Teaching Awards for Prof. Lando, Grad. Papageorgiou

April 26, 2006

On Tuesday, April 25 two members of the ORFE department received recognition for their teaching efforts during the Fall semester of 2005. In a ceremony organized by the Engineering Council (E-Council) and the Graduate Engineering Council (GEC), visiting Professor David Lando and graduate student Evan Papageorgiou, among others, were awarded with the semiannual 'Excellence in Teaching' awards.

Professor Lando, received the Graduate Engineering Council Teaching Award for his class ORF 569: Credit Risk. Evan Papageorgiou received the Engineering Council Teaching Assistant Award for ORF 309: Probability and Stochastic Systems. 

The awards were presented to them by their students. Nitin Saksena, GS, mentioned that "David Lando, a pioneer in the field of Credit Risk, was a remarkable teacher, combining both solid mathematical theory and intuition in his lectures." Professor Lando in his acceptance speech acknowledged the warm welcome of the ORFE department during the present academic year, and pointed that "being recognized for your teaching skills gives you a great joy -- greater than that of publishing a paper." He also paralleled the work of a professor to that of an actor, and he regarded the teaching award as "the professors' Oscars."

Raj Hathiramani '07 and Jin-Hee Kim '07 in their presentation of the award to Evan Papageorgiou referred to the "incredible effort that he put in the teaching of the precepts, emphasizing the intuition gained from the material
at hand." They also noted the immediate correspondence to his students' e-mails, the quality of his solutions to the homework assignments, and his organization skills. Evan Papageorgiou accepted the award by saying that he
always tries to "teach the way he likes being taught, namely with clarity, and vision in what to accomplish." He also thanked the instructor of the course, Prof. Vicky Henderson, the other two TAs for the course, his Ph.D. advisor, Ronnie Sircar, and finally the former chairman of the ORFE department, Erhan Çinlar.