Department Conference Room Use Policy

The Sherrerd Hall Conference Room is located in 125 Sherrerd. The room seats 22 people with 15 of the seats at the central conference table and 8 chairs along wall. The room is equipped with a white board, projection, and conferencing capabilities. If projection is preferred, a conference table projector must be ordered from Media Services. You may optionally arrange for a Building Services clean-up appointment to follow the event's conclusion. There is no penalty for cancelation, but please do so in a timely manner so that staff may reschedule use of the space.


  • A temporary key can be obtained from Office Support Staff. An account number is required.
  • Sherrerd Hall is locked from 7pm until 7am Monday through Friday, weekends and University holidays. Please contact Office Support Staff to request that doors be unlocked during your event. If you arrive and find the doors locked for any reason, please contact the Public Safety.

Set Up

  • Ensure that an organization representative is present when the caterer arrives.

Break Down

  • Ensure catering picks up service items immediately following the conclusion of the event.
  • Clean the white board.
  • Raise the projection screen.
  • Return all chairs to their proper location.
  • Dispose of all garbage.