Atrium Use Policy

To reserve the Atrium, please contact Office Support Staff. Note that you must provide an account number when making a reservation and, prior to the event, confirmation of a Building Services clean-up appointment that will follow the event's conclusion.

Once your reservation is confirmed, your organization is responsible for setup, cleanup, and catering arrangements, as well as notification of public safety and Equad Maintenance of your event. Any and all costs related to damages are also the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. There is no penalty for cancelation, but please do so in a timely manner so that staff may reschedule use of the space.


  • Sherrerd Hall is locked from 7pm until 7am Monday through Friday, weekends and University holidays. Please contact Office Support Staff to request that doors be unlocked during your event. If you arrive and find the doors locked for any reason, please contact the Public Safety.
  • Complete the Building Lock/Unlock Form found and provide it to Public Safety 48 hours before the event to inform them of the event.

Set Up

  • Contact Building Services to arrange moving of any and all furniture.
  • Contact Facilities to coordinate the rental, delivery, and pick-up of the additional seating or extra equipment (serving tables, tablecloths, trash cans, coat rack). Do not use furniture from other areas of the building.
  • Ensure that an organization representative is present when the caterer arrives.

Break Down

  • Ensure catering picks up service items immediately following the conclusion of the event.
  • Leave the atrium in a neat and orderly condition prior to the Building Services clean-up appointment.
  • Remove all rentals promptly at the end of your event.
  • Put all furniture back in its original position at the end of your event. Arrange this through Building Services.