Accessing Computational Resources for Research

Departmental research groups and some faculty advisors maintain research servers for the purpose of computation and special projects. Departmental resources supplement centralized computing resources provided by the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (PICSciE) and OIT as part of Research Computing at Princeton.

Please contact the departmental Manager of Information Technology for access to departmental resources. Establishing an account requires explicit permission from a sponsoring faculty member and an expiration date after which time your account will no longer be necessary, or you depart the University, whichever comes first.

To gain access to centralized resources, please first register for access to the University’s entry level system. Test your computational jobs there and, if you find your needs exceed what is currently available on the entry level system, you may also apply for access to additional resources. Contact the departmental Manager of Information Technology should you need assistance accessing these remote systems, or with the application process for additional resources.

Once access has been granted, the given system will be accessible via its network address in the form using SSH client software. Your account username and password will correspond to your Princeton NetID and password. However, to further secure your access, you should enable and use SSH public key authentication. How you submit jobs to the system will depend upon whether or not the system uses a job scheduler to manage a queue or if jobs are executed directly from a command prompt.