Master's Program

Master of Finance (M.Fin.)

The department is a major participant in the Master of Finance (M.Fin) degree program offered through the Bendheim Center for Finance. Further information can be found on the Bendheim Center web page.

Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.)

The ORFE department is geared towards educating students whose ultimate goal is to get a Ph.D. The admission rate for the M.S.E. degree is very low. Applicants interested in an M.S.E. degree from ORFE are urged to identify and contact a faculty member in whose area of research they would like to work. Admission will be based on not only qualifications of applicant, but also requires support of at least one faculty member who expresses an interest to supervise the applicant. Students enrolled in this program are eligible for financial support in the form of research or teaching assistantships if such funds are available. Applicants who are primarily interested in a Master's degree in Finance should apply for the Master in Finance at the Bendheim Center for Finance. The School of Engineering provides more information regarding the Master of Science in Engineering program.

The M.S.E. program has a strong research focus reflected in the requirement of a thesis. The course requirements are fulfilled by successfully completing ten one-semester courses, two of which are required research courses (ORF 509 and 510). The M.S.E. degree is usually completed within two academic years of full-time study.