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(“Speaker”) hereby authorizes The Trustees of Princeton University (“Princeton”) and its agents or representatives to make audio and/or visual recordings by any means (the “Recordings”) of the following presentations or programs (the “Events”): ORFE Colloquia, ORFE Financial Mathematics Seminar, ORFE Optimization Seminar, ORFE Probability Seminar, S.S. Wilks Memorial Seminar in Statistics, William Pierson Field Lectures

For good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is acknowledged, Speaker hereby grants to Princeton a non-exclusive, royalty free, assignable and perpetual license to copy and distribute such Recordings, including transcripts of any such recordings, FOR ANY PURPOSE THROUGH ANY AND ALL MEDIA EXCEPT AS INDICATED BELOW:

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Speaker authorizes the use of Speaker’s name and such materials (photographs, biographical data, etc.) as may be needed for the announcement, promotion and identification of any Events and/or Recordings permitted under this Recording Release and License (this “Agreement”).

Speaker authorizes Princeton to take photographs at any of the Events and to use such photographs for purposes consistent with the terms of this Agreement.

Speaker represents that Speaker has obtained all necessary permission from any other copyright owners whose work(s) Speaker has used during any of the Events.

Nothing in this Agreement shall limit Speaker’s rights to publish Speaker’s presentation independently of Princeton.