Stephen Wright, University of Wisconsin

Primal-dual optimization methods for robust machine learning
Oct 27, 2022, 4:30 pm5:30 pm
Sherrerd 101
Event Description

Abstract: We consider a convex-concave primal-dual optimization framework in which the coupling between primal and dual variables is bilinear. This framework admits linearly constrained optimization together with a variety of interesting problems in machine learning, including (linear) empirical risk minimization with various regularization terms. It also includes a formulation that we term "generalized linear programming" (GLP) in which regularization terms and constraints are added to the traditional linear programming formulation, provided they admit efficient prox operations. Problems from differentially robust optimization (DRO), using either f-divergence metrics or Wasserstein metrics, can be formulated as GLPs.

We describe algorithms for our framework that take prox-gradient steps alternately in the primal and dual variables, but incorporate such additional features as coordinate descent, variance reduction, dual averaging, importance sampling, and iterate averaging.  Our methods can also exploit sparsity in the matrix that couples primal and dual variables.  Our methods match or improve on the best known worst-case complexity bounds in various settings. Computational experiments indicate that our methods also have good practical performance.

The talk represents joint work with Ahmet Alacaoglu, Jelena Diakonikolas, Chaobing Song, Eric Lin, and Volkan Cevher

Event Category
Optimization Seminar