Ronald Rardin, National Science Foundation and Purdue University

Engineering the Other 70% of the Economy: NSF Research on Service Enterprizes
Dec 3, 2002, 4:30 pm5:30 pm
E219 - Engineering Quadrangle


Event Description

Dr. Ronald L. Rardin is a Professor of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University who is currently on a rotator assignment as Director of the Operations Research and the Service Enterprise Engineering programs at NSF. Part of the rotator arrangement is that professors involved should maintain their personal research programs. Thus, this seminar will include both a discussion of some of Dr. Rardin's current health-care research in optimization of radiation therapy, as well as an overview of NSF and ongoing trends of interest to the industrial engineering and operations research communities. Among the latter are a new thrust in Engineering the Service Sector which Dr. Rardin has had responsibility for organizing.

Event Category
ORFE Department Colloquia