Financial Engineering Insurance Workshop

Princeton Operations Research Society (PORS)
Nov 4, 1999Nov 6, 1999


Event Description

The Financial Engineering and Insurance Workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners in the area of financial engineering, with an emphasis on the insurance industry.  We will explore important emerging areas, such as securities possessing insurance and financial risks.  Many new hybrid products are coming into the market.  In some cases, these products will require new methodologies for pricing, for risk analysis, and for regulatory policy.  The conference will evaluate these issues from several perspectives.  In addition, we will discuss the transformation of the insurance industry, from a relationship-based business to one driven by information technology.

The Workshop coincides with the establishment of a new Master of Engineering Program in Financial Engineering at Princeton University.  The aim of the Masters Program is to equip students with the experience they need to be leaders and innovators in an ever evolving financial industry.  The program incorporates courses which provide students with the opportunity to acquire practical experience whilst developing efficient computational techniques that are imperative in today's progressive financial environments.

Both the Financial Engineering Program and the recently established interdepartmental Bendheim Center for Finance will sponsor the Workshop.

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