Senior Thesis Symposium

Congratulations to all the seniors on their hard work!

List of Theses

The Senior Thesis Symposium is the culmination of the ORFE Senior Thesis, a formal report on research involving analysis, synthesis, and design, directed toward improved understanding and resolution of a significant problem. The research is conducted under the supervision of a faculty member, and the thesis is defended by the student at this public examination and before a faculty committee. The senior thesis is equivalent to a year-long study and is recorded as a double course in the Spring.

Name Advisor Thesis Title
Abraham, Zachary Soner
Abufele Handal, Ana Sofia Mulvey
Bentley, Paige Cattaneo
Berry, Christian Kornhauser
Boonsiriphatthanajaroen, Boom Ahmadi
Cavanaugh, Katie Kornhauser
Chen, Roger Tangpi
Chen, Tiger Fan
Cheng, Alex Kornhauser
Chiang, Christopher Almgren
Cunningham, Holly Stellato
Dilbagi, Arsh Almgren
Engstrom, Alexander Fan
Faccone, Isabella Racz
Feng, Tim Holen
Gao, Jasmin Mulvey
Gitelman, Daniel Sircar
Goettee, John Almgren
Hain, Cristina Klusowski
Holecek, Zachary Racz
Jiang, Ava Stellato
Kar, Nab Soner
Kim, Max Jun Stellato
Kim, Nicholas Halvorson
Konteh, Fatomata Shkolnikov
Krahn, Eli Sircar
Lee, James Bangalore
Leung, Kathryn Hanin
Liang, Benjamin Tangpi
Liu, Irina Cattaneo
Ma, Jenny Mulvey
Martin Dit Neuville, Hugues Sircar
Melnyk, Josh Vanderbei
Mistry, Suchita Holen
Nakase, Taishi Shkolnikov
Nelson, Stephanie Soner
Pipa, John Cattaneo
Santillo, John Kornhauser
Sarita, Kabir Hanin
Sartini, Joseph Kornhauser
Song, David Hanin
Sun, Jeffrey Soner
Wang, Eileen Vanderbei
Wang, Wilbur Klusowski
Wang, Xiexin van Handel
Weng, Angela Mulvey
Wong, Alan Racz
Xocoy, Billy Shkolnikov
Yang, Chris Fan
Yardi, Anika Vanderbei
Yassky, Daniel Vanderbei
Yessuf, Nabil Tangpi
You, Kevin Fan
Zhang, Lucy van Handel