This workshop is the result of a thematic semester on commodity derivative markets held in 2015. It aims to examine recent developments on this subject. We intend to mobilize researchers in economics, finance and mathematics, on theoretical as well as on empirical issues. We also wish to promote interactions between academic research and industry regulatory authorities. The topics that could be addressed are:

  • Physical markets for commodities: transparency of transactions, price manipulations
  • Clearing houses: systemic risk, incentive issues
  • Formation of equilibrium in the collateral market
  • Climate change, drought and prices of agricultural products
  • Financialization: impact of financial operator’s positions on commodity price fluctuations and/or on the welfare of operators, definition of good or bad speculation, impact of high frequency trading
  • Links between the physical and the derivative markets for commodities
  • Regulatory issues: relevance of trading limits, formation of equilibrium in the collateral market

Registration is required by March 31, 2016.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Christiane Baumeister, University of Notre Dame
  • Eugenio Bobenrieth, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
  • Bahattin Buyuksahin, Bank of Canada
  • Colin Carter, University of California, Davis
  • Richard Haynes, Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • Harrison Hong, Princeton University
  • Michel Robe, American University
  • Ronnie Sircar, Princeton University
  • Nizar Touzi, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
  • Bertrand Villeneuve, University Dauphine, Paris
  • Frank Wolak, Stanford University
  • Brian Wright, University of California, Berkeley
  • Cynthia Wu, University of Chicago
  • Wei Xiong, Princeton University

Scientific Committee

  • René Aïd (Electricité de France)
  • Clémence Alasseur (Institut Louis Bachelier)
  • Ivar Ekeland (Université Paris-Dauphine)


  • René Carmona (Princeton University)
  • Delphine Lautier (Université Paris-Dauphine)