Academics Overview


The ORFE program places a strong emphasis on quantitative methods and mathematical modelling. Students in ORFE develop a unique set of skills that builds upon a solid foundation in probability and stochastic processes, numerical optimization, statistics, and computational mathematics.


The theoretical foundations of ORFE are of central importance in many complex problems in engineering and science. Students and faculty in ORFE work in a broad range of application areas, such as finance, energy, health, risk analysis, biostatistics, machine learning, stochastic networks, signal and image processing, automated vehicle control systems, optimal design of engineered systems, and homeland security.


ORFE faculty are leaders in their respective fields. They have won numerous awards for their research, and are fellows of the major scientific societies in their research areas. Graduates of the Ph.D. program work in academia, research organizations, and industry, with several landing positions at top universities. Graduates of the B.S.E. program are innovators and entrepreneurs, working in a variety of consulting, financial, and engineering firms.