Princeton University Quant Trading Conference

2012 Princeton Quant Trading Conference

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Date: March 31, 2012
Time: 9 AM to 6PM

The Princeton High Frequency and Quantitative Trading Conference seeks to bring together a unique cross-section of the leading experts from academia, industry, and government in a low-key intellectual environment to catalyze discussions and strengthen ties among these three communities. We will cover subjects ranging from algorithmic trading and liquidity to market impact and the flash crash.

Objective: Unfortunately, academia, government, and industry operate within separate silos with industry and government often unable to keep up with each other’s developments or the remarkable advances in academia.  This conference seeks to break down these barriers and spur future collaboration and research between these three communities.

Featured Speakers:
Ms. Irene Aldridge, Managing Partner, Able Alpha
Dr. Robert Almgren, Co-founder and Head of Research, Quantitative Brokers
Mr. Ugur Arslan, Founder and Managing Member, Aientech
Mr. Matthew Andresen, Co-founder and CEO, Headlands Technologies
Mr. Steve Crutchfield, CEO, NYSE Amex Options
Dr. Matt Cushman, Senior Managing Director, Citadel
Mr. Daniel Kenna, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Dr. AJ Lindeman, Managing Director, Benchmark Solutions
Mr. Peter Nabicht, Executive Vice President, Allston Trading
Dr. Daniel Nehren, Global Head of Linear QR, JPMorgan Chase
Dr. Alex Reyfman, Director, Barclays Capital
Mr. Ryan Sheftel, MD, Global Head of Rates Electronic Trading, Credit Suisse
Dr. Michael Sotiropoulos, MD, Global Head of Algorithmic Trading Research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Mr. Shane Swanson, Partner and General Counsel, Eladian Partners

Featured Panelists:
Ms. Unson Allen, Head of Recruitment for the Electronic Trading Group, Knight Capital Group
Mr. Eric Greiner, Director, Quantitative Prime Brokerage, Barclays Capital
Dr. Ann Guo, Head of Campus Recruiting, GETCO LLC
Mr. Brennan Hughes, Partner, World Wide Financial Industry Recruiting Services
Mr. Trent Krupp, Partner, Constitution Group LLP
Ms. Katy Lederer, Founder and Managing Partner, Intelligent Alternatives LLC
Mr. Bill Lyon, CTO, Prediction Company
Mr. Ryan Sheftel, Head of Electronic Market Making, Credit Suisse
Mr. Eliot Smith, Senior Consultant, Quantitative and Electronic Trading, NJF Search
Dr. Michael Sotiropoulos, MD, Global Head of Algorithmic Trading Research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Participants:  We will bring together preeminent experts to discuss the latest advances in high frequency and quantitative trading.  The conference also provides industry and government participants an opportunity to interact with exceptional undergraduate and graduate students, many of whom are considering careers in Wall Street and Washington.

Venue:  The conference will be held in the Friend Center at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.  The university is home to a number of outstanding institutions at the forefront of research in modern finance, including the Bendheim Center for Finance, the Department of Economics, the Computer Science Department, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

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