Princeton University Quant Trading Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

QuoteHow technical is this conference going to be? Will there be lots of maths I don't understand?
The talks are geared towards students who are interested in trading but who don't necessarily know a lot about the topic. They are not meant to be super-technical.

QuoteI'm a PhD student, can I participate?
We welcome undergraduate, masters, MBA, and PhD students.

QuoteIs this event only for Princeton students?
We welcome students from all universities, as well as non-students.

QuoteHow much does this event cost?
It is free to Princeton students, and thre will be a registration fee for others ($25 for non-Princeton students and $50 for non-students).

QuoteWhat is the appropriate dress code for this conference?
This conference is business casual.


Conference Sponsors
The Bendheim Center for Finance    Operations Research and Financial Engineering