Princeton University Quant Trading Conference

Committee Members

Irene Chen
Operations Research and Financial Engineering '13
Irene is a sophomore in the ORFE department, and she is interested in pursuing certificates in Applications of Computing and Engineering Management Systems.

Woo-Hyung Cho
Operations Research and Financial Engineering '13
Woo-Hyung is a sophomore in the ORFE department with certificates in Finance and Applications in Computing. She is interested in quantitative and algorithmic trading.

Wei "Vivi" Dai
Operations Research and Financial Engineering PhD Candidate
Wei Dai studied mathematics and applied mathematics as an undergraduate in Zhejiang University, China, and now is pursuing PhD in the ORFE department. She is currently interested in statistical methods in financial econometrics and high frequency trading, while still has yet to decide her research topic.

Samantha Lam
Economics '13
Samantha is a sophomore in the Economics department with certificates in Applied and Computational Math, Engineering and Management Systems, and Finance. She participated in the UBS Sophomore Symposium and obtained 2nd place in the UBS Virtual Stock Competition last year. Samantha interned with the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) at their prop trading desk last summer. During her internship, she obtained Bloomberg certification, which has been useful to her junior independent work (as an early concentrator) on sovereign CDS.

Tianhui "Michael" Li
Computer Science '07, Operations Research and Financial Engineering PhD Candidate   
Michael Li graduated from Princeton and spent two years in Cambridge, UK on a Marshall Scholarship.  He is currently a PhD candidate supported by the NSF and Hertz Graduate Fellowships.  His research ranges from stochastic dynamic optimal control and incomplete markets to high frequency trading.

Kevin Lin
Operations Research and Financial Engineering '14
Kevin Lin is freshman at Princeton. Although Kevin knows ORFE is the major for him, Kevin still has yet to decide what exactly he wishes to pursue after college. Some of the topics Kevin is interested in include international trade policy and also the government's role in mandating business in America.

Sheri Senge   
Economics '11
Sheri is a senior majoring in Economics with a Certificate in Applications of Computing.  In the summer of 2010, she worked as an Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY within the Markets Group, where she will be returning upon graduation.  Her two prior summers were spent as an intern within the Market Data Resources group at Federated Investors, Inc.
Special Interest: Macroeconomics Theory & Policy.

Huijia "Emily" Wu
Economics '12
Huijia (Emily) is a junior in the Economics Department, with certificates in Finance and Applications of Computing. Additionally, she enjoys working with probability and statistics. She is interested in learning more about quantitative and algorithmic trading, especially high frequency trading.

Norman Yu
Mathematics '11   
Norman is a senior in the mathematics department at Princeton. He is a former Varsity Sprint Football and Club Ultimate Frisbee player at Princeton. Norman interned at DRW Trading Group last summer and will be working full time at a electronic market making firm next year. Norman is interested in efficient markets and algorithmic trading.


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